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How to stop feeling desperate and allow yourself to be happy

I made a huge mistake when I heard we were getting another stimulus check this spring.

I started spending the money before I had it.

I went on the IRS website and figured out how much I would get, and then I sat down and planned out what I was going to do with it.

It was exciting to think I could pay my big tax bill and still have some money left over for something fun -- like a friend’s...

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Learning to Love Yourself -- Body & All

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Learning to Love Yourself -- Body & All

My friend Laura Prisc invited me to be a guest on her podcast and we had a fantastic conversation, including...

  • my binge-eating and intuitive eating journey
  • why controlling yourself around food is impossible
  • what happens in your body when you don't eat enough
  • the importance of energetic work in healing
  • how trying to change your body distracts you from life
  • how you can actually just be...
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Do you have "eating issues?"

“I’m just looking for help with some eating issues I’ve been having.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of this.

Usually in a tug-on-the-sleeve “Can we talk in private?” kind of way.

I can just FEEL the shame rolling off of these women. The “issues” eventually tumble out like confessions…

“I stand at...

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You Have to Do This if You Want to Be Healthy

When you think about improving your health, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? 

Eat better?

Exercise more?

Take supplements?

What if I told you that none of that will make you healthy unless you ALSO learn to unconditionally love and respect yourself?

Hear me out.

If you’re not happy with the way you look or feel, or you have a tangible health issue that is...

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How to make your life the best it can be

Around this time of year, summer seems like some terrific fantasy, doesn’t it?

I mean, there are some days when I can’t seem to get warm no matter what I do. 

I walk around with frozen feet and cold hands all day -- until I either steal away for a hot bubble bath, or have a hot flash. The baths are more fun, but the flashes are far more effective.

I know I’ve been too...

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Why I don't care what anyone else thinks

When I was about 22, something happened in a yoga class that would change my life forever.

On Friday afternoons, my mom paid for my sister and me to have private lessons with our yoga instructor friend, Tricia.

I would rush home from work, walk and feed my dogs and change my clothes, then head to Tricia’s for what can only be described as an irreverent yoga class with my mom and sister.


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Change takes time -- just ask Felicia

Seven years ago, I did something crazy.

In a fit of madness, I got in my car, drove to the city by myself, went into the under-funded and over-crowded Baltimore public shelter, and asked to meet a dog.

Now, even if you don’t know me personally, you can probably imagine that I’m a pretty sensitive person. I can’t stand if one of my pets is even slightly inconvenienced or...

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Why do you always look so awful in pictures?

I was walking down an aisle in the grocery store with my oldest daughter the other day when she said, “You know how everyone hates their profile?” 

She held her phone up to show me a meme that said “How I Look From the Front” with a normal picture, and then “How I Look From the Side” with this ridiculous exaggeration of a profile that looked like a...

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Just go find the right tool.

You know that plastic tape on delivery boxes that you always try to rip through because you’re too lazy to go find scissors? 

And even though you KNOW it’s unripable, and you’ve never been able to rip it in the past, you still try to EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

And without fail, you eventually realize that in the time you’ve spent trying to tear it with your bare...

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Why you shouldn't care if people like you

The other day, my daughter Katie told me that her friend's parents got another Tesla -- the Model X. 

"Which one is that?" I asked.

"MOM! You know everything about cars -- you know which one it is."

"No, I really don't know anything about Teslas. Which one is it?"

"It's the big one with the wing doors!"

"Oh, ok. Cool!"

"I can't believe you don't care! They have TWO Teslas!"

Normally, I am...

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