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Do you have "eating issues?"

“I’m just looking for help with some eating issues I’ve been having.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of this.

Usually in a tug-on-the-sleeve “Can we talk in private?” kind of way.

I can just FEEL the shame rolling off of these women. The “issues” eventually tumble out like confessions…

“I stand at the sink and shove pizza in my mouth when my husband isn’t looking.”

“I do everything ‘right’ all day, and then wake up in the middle of the night and eat entire bags of potato chips.”

“I stand in front of the freezer and finish whole cartons of ice cream after I put my kids to bed. Then I hide the empty container and go buy more so no one knows what I did.”

These “eating issues” are almost always some form of binging resulting from restriction.

But they don’t know that. 

These women feel like there’s something WRONG with them. No will power, gluttonous, weak, out of control...ashamed.

“Please, GOD, don’t let anyone find out.”

Diet culture tricks us into thinking that we should be able to control our bodies and the way we eat, and when we fail, we blame ourselves.

We’re told time and time again to restrict, to eat less, to obsess about every bite we put in our mouths. 

And this is the inevitable result: obsession with food, secret binges, and humiliation.

They’re so relieved to discover they’re not alone.

“You mean this is actually a THING?! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.”

See, we’re not supposed to starve ourselves. Of course we’ve faced famine a LOT over the course of our evolution, and our bodies are really good at helping us survive.

Bingeing in response to starvation is NORMAL - that’s what is supposed to happen when you finally get access to food after not having enough. You have to compensate for the loss of energy.

But when it’s self-imposed starvation in the form of dieting, there’s still food available, and our brains go, “Hey, girl...you’re not getting enough energy. Eat all that cake to bring us back into balance.” And your body has all kinds of clever ways to motivate you to do that. 

Like making you super hungry, encouraging you to think about food all the time, and making high-calorie things taste better. 

So, listen up: 

Dieting is not normal. 

You’re not alone. 

There’s nothing wrong with you. 

You CAN end this horrifying restrict - binge cycle. (Hint: more restriction is not the answer.)

If you can do just one thing differently today, remind yourself that you and your body are on the same team. It’s just trying to help you survive. Thank it, take care of it, and love it up.

You can live your best life in the body you have right now.

And you’re allowed to eat.

Love, Teddey

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