Food & Body Love Membership

An affordable, consistent way to make peace with food and live your best life in the body you have right now.

No more diets, no more crazy meal plans or counting calories. Just listening to your body, taking great care of yourself, and being the best version of YOU.

Imagine waking up feeling great, putting on clothes that fit you perfectly, smiling at yourself in the mirror, and just living your life -- without a single thought about what you're supposed to eat or how to change your body.

This is possible for YOU. And it doesn't have to be hard.

I know exactly how you feel...the diets don't work anymore, you can't stand your body, and you're just sick to death of worrying about how you look and what to eat all the time.

You just want to eat normally and not think about food every second of the day.

You're tired of hiding in your work because you're ashamed of the way you look.

You desperately want to escape from this exhausting cycle so you can focus on making more money and actually be HAPPY.

But you just DON'T. KNOW. HOW.

I can help you:

  • make peace with food
  • feel your best mentally and physically
  • have the confidence to create the success and income you want
  • live your best life in the body you have RIGHT NOW!

The Food & Body Love Membership

Where ambitious women learn to stop battling food and hating their bodies so they have the confidence to make more money and live their best lives.


June 30, 2021

"Before I joined the Food & Body Love Membership, I really struggled with binging, emotional eating and poor body image. 

Since joining, I don’t binge anymore. I rarely emotionally eat. I’m much more accepting of my body. 

The thing I like most about the program is the almost-daily lessons, meditations, and tapping. Teddey’s calm voice has seeped into my subconscious mind. I’m learning to lovingly accept myself and my body in the present moment. 

Since becoming a member, I've been able to ask Teddey any questions I want via email or the Facebook group. It’s empowering to be part of a supportive community.

I recommend this membership for someone who struggles with binging, emotional eating, and/or self-hate. It’s great to get lessons in your inbox. Almost every lesson, meditation, and tapping session feels like it was tailor made just for me. And the price is very affordable."

What if you could live your best life in the body you have NOW? (Yes, it IS possible!)

What if you woke up every morning and looked in the mirror and said, “How can we feel our best today so we can set the world on fire and make a bunch of money, you soft, lumpy, brilliant miracle?” (Yes, your beautiful body IS a miracle!)

What if you could find a way to repair your relationship with food and learn to accept yourself exactly as you are so you can focus on MORE IMPORTANT things in life -- like having the happiness, wealth, and success you really want? (I'm telling you...there's NO better feeling!)

This membership is for entrepreneurs and ambitious women who are SICK of feeling ashamed of their bodies and all the drama around food and just want to be FREE to be SUCCESSFUL.

🚫 DISCLAIMER: You will NOT learn how to eat "right" or lose weight in this membership.

You WILL learn how to:

  1. Stop feeling crazy and out of control around food.

  2. Take care of yourself without dieting and eat normally.

  3. Have the confidence to be visible and successful and make more money.

You'll learn to be the real you.

No shame. No powder or pills to buy. No crazy weird food lists or extreme exercise regimens. 
You've tried all of that. It's time to try kindness instead.


(That's 👇 about the same as your daily latte!)


Jen's Story

My client Jen is an amazing business coach who had a deep, dark secret -- she was binge-eating in secret, hated her body, and felt completely ashamed of herself.  She thought about food constantly -- alternately avoiding it and obsessing over it. She abused herself with exercise as punishment for eating. She stood over the sink and shoved pizza in her mouth while her husband and son weren't watching. She was absolutely miserable, and had no idea peace with food and confidence in her body was even possible.

But after a year in this membership, her life is transformed.

She now eats normally, feels confident in her body, gets professional pictures taken all the time, and hardly thinks about food at all. She listens to her body and treats herself with respect. She eats when she's hungry, stops when she's full, and feels completely peaceful. She buys beautiful clothes that fit her, and has no more shame about the size on the tag. She moves her body when she wants to, in a loving and supportive way. She feels great, and there's No. More. Drama.

💥 AND, it's no coincidence that her business hit 6-figures this year, too! 💥

Jen is living proof that you can have the life you want when you learn to have peace with food and accept your body and focus on what really matters.

Hear more about how the Food & Body Love Membership works and take a tour of the membership site


We talk about confidence, happiness, & nourishment...not about diets.

✅ We are all about self-acceptance

✅ We aim for total body respect

✅ We are all about loving, effective self-care

✅ We are big fans of intuitive eating

✅ We are really into healing from diet culture and nourishing ourselves thoroughly

✅ We support you in developing the confidence to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE RIGHT NOW!

Why is this membership the answer you've been looking for?

  • You'll get REAL TOOLS for DEEP CHANGE -- advice from a seasoned pro who's done this work herself, tapping for mindset shifts, guided meditation & Reiki for deep healing.

  • It is easy to make consistent, sustainable progress -- just about 10-15 minutes 3 times a week.

  • All you have to do is open your email -- no long videos to watch or complicated courses to take.

  • When you have a specific challenge or want more support, you can find tons of resources in the online membership portal.  

You’re a busy woman and need a way to fix your relationship with food and your body that you can stick with, fits into your schedule, and really WORKS.

This is it.

I know, because I did it myself.

I know how it feels to hate your body, stress about food every second of the day, and feel like losing weight would solve all your problems. Ten years ago, I was in the exact same place. I desperately wanted to be successful, loved my work and my business, but was secretly battling food and ashamed of my body. There was no way I could show up in videos, get professional pictures taken, or be confident enough to serve my clients effectively.

I know how hopeless and impossible it feels to be trapped in that cycle, and I know what it takes to end it and change your relationship with food and learn to love yourself.

I've literally tried everything, and figured out what really works. I've done all the work on myself and ALLLL the trainings and certifications so I can give you the best tools and all the resources you need to transform yourself in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

I started out as a health coach (trying to help people diet), but quickly realized losing weight does not bring happiness (and it's not even possible for the VAST majority of people -- like 95-99%). After my own journey of healing from an eating disorder and spending LOTS of time in therapy, I finally found peace and happiness by learning to accept myself -- regardless of my body size -- and doing what I really felt called to do in life. I trained to be an intuitive eating counselor, Reiki practitioner, EFT/Tapping Specialist, and hypnotherapist -- all so I could help people change their lives as quickly and effectively as possible.

I know these tools work because I used them myself, and I've seen many, many clients completely transform their lives using them, too. (You can hear some of their success stories in the membership site once you sign up -- they're SO inspiring!)

If you're ready to feel your best, show up with confidence and do your best work, and stop being afraid of full-length mirrors, join today and get started transforming your life.



This membership is like having a coaching subscription -- you get advice, support, and guidance every single week just by opening your email. It couldn't be easier to stay on track! You'll be amazed at how quickly you change with this consistent process.

Effective Tools

Every week, you get a coaching video, tapping video, guided meditation recording, and distance Reiki healing. These tools are the KEY for deep and permanent transformation -- they FEEL GOOD and they're SO easy to use!

Unlimited Access

In addition to the 3x weekly emails, you have unlimited access to the online membership site with more videos, downloadable resources, hypnosis & guided meditation recordings, success stories, and more!

Here’s How it Works

Here’s what a typical week looks like:

  • Monday: Read a quick PDF and watch a short video

  • Wednesday: Watch a 5-10 minute Tapping video (and tap along!)

  • Friday: Listen to a 10-15 minute guided meditation and receive a distance Reiki healing

You also have access to the online membership site with tons of additional resources and support (including quick tips for specific challenges, free hypnosis sessions, interviews, & downloadable freebies).

These are the tools that I used to TRANSFORM my life. I know they work.

Hit the button below and let's get started.



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Jen, 6/12/20

Every time a see a diet post, a "lose weight now" ad, or women hating on themselves, I throw ya a little gratitude. Being free in my body as it is now is the best thing I did for myself.